Friday, June 29, 2018

Legal battle is over between Apple and Samsung

Apple and Samsung have been making legal conflicts for a decade. And recently, the lawsuits seem to be over.

The court battle began with Apple's appeal claiming Samsung had copied the design of iPhone. Finally, Samsung had to pay a considerable amount of money to Apple. The exact deal is not clarified.

Apple could not win the conflict, according to the media. Actually, Apple gained some compensation for infringing on intellectual property. But it failed to shut Samsung's products out from the market. Also, the profit from the lawsuit did not match the total cost, guessing the media.

The New York Times Apple and Samsung End Smartphone Patent Wars

Apple's spokesperson said that it intended to protect the innovation accomplished by Apple itself. But if so, Apple could have proceeded more instead of being exhausted by the longitudinal legal battles. The situation is same in Samsung. Apple's policy to promote the innovation might lead to inhibit innovation, ironically.

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