Thursday, June 28, 2018

AI smells your disease

In recent, there are many fields in which artificial intelligence is expected to be utilized. Among them, medical practice attracts the attention of researchers for its importance.

Medical diagnosis has exclusively relied on physician's decision. If a perfect AI program is born, this scheme would not be changed because only a human can be responsible for the outcome of a person's life. Instead, AI will be a strong tool for helping the decision making of a physician.

Diagnostic tools are developed one after another. Nowadays, only a single plot of blood is necessary to diagnose several kinds of disease such as cancers. Furthermore, a smell of the breath can provide much information such as identifying Helicobacter pylori.

And in the near future, a machine with AI will be able to analyze the substances included in the human breath. It will enable to diagnose several diseases in the early stage.

The Conversation: AI is acquiring a sense of smell that can detect illnesses in human breath

It has been said that the smell of human is a key to precise diagnoses. And I guess some legendary physicians in the past could diagnose the patients at a glance with sensing some smells or atmosphere, even if they are not conscious. AI will replace such an instinct of human doctors.

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