Friday, June 22, 2018

Japan is eager to realize self-driving cars by 2020

Auto driving cars are expected to be common in the next era, though some incidents have been reported. Tesla and some other famous companies are engaged to conduct experiments on the public road.

Japan is also willing to realize the society with self-driving cars. In Japan, elder drivers are increasing as the aging proceeds. Though not many elder drivers are risky, fatal accidents caused by elder drivers are recently focused.

Also, Japan will face the Olympic game in 2020. The government is planning to renew the structures of cities in Japan.

Reuters: Japan looks to launch driverless car system in Tokyo by 2020

In my sense, it is difficult to realize self-driving cars by 2020 in Japan. Since Japan lands are narrow, there are many complicated roadways. Thus, Japan is a tough region for an AI to drive a car.

Nonetheless, I expect the future in which most persons need not take the wheel in the car.

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