Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Occupation list of psychopaths

Some people have difficulty to be compassionate to other's suffering. They tend to utilize other people deliberately and even exploit others. Indeed, they are likely to commit crimes. These people are called psychopaths.

According to many studies, psychopaths exist in every community with a certain proportion. And it is not true all of them become a criminal. Some psychopaths are successful in the society, called "successful psychopath."

Then, what kind of occupations are suitable for psychopaths? It is strange at a glance, but quite an important question. If a psychopath takes a social role instead of harming others in the society, it becomes more safe and functional.

Oxford University reported a list of occupation psychopaths are likely to take.

The Conversation: The preferred jobs of serial killers and psychopaths

The list includes:
CEO or business executive
Media personality
Journalist or news anchor
Police officer
Religious official
Miscellaneous civil servant (military, city council, corrections, etc.)

I am not sure about the exactness of this list. But it is certain the contents of the list depends on the culture in each society. For example, a police officer is unlikely to be suitable for psychopaths in Japan, I believe. Japanese police officers are demanded to obey their boss with a strict warship. There are no police officers to receive a bribe.

On the other hand, some Japanese politicians look psychopathic, I think. It may be the same in other nations.

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