Monday, June 25, 2018

A case of cow beyond the border

Penka, a cow, attracted public attention recently. It wandered to cross the border between Bulgaria and Servia. The EU legislation planned to kill the cow. But the public movement to save Penka emerged.

At last, Penka could avoid the death sentence, and it will be returned to its own farm.

Reuters: Penka the Bulgarian cow escapes death sentence after international outcry

I am not sure about the news in detail. To be honest, however, I am not glad to hear about the decision. First, who is responsible for Penka's wandering?  It seems not a wild cow. Second, it will return to be a livestock as surviving this trouble. Its life is exploited by the human regardless of the process. What do activists of animal protection think about this fact? And at last, does going across beyond the border deserves the death sentence for animals? I think this rule is ridiculous.

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