Friday, June 8, 2018

Deprived sleep by shift-time work

Yesterday, I wrote there are many controversies about optimal sleeping habit. However, there are also some things with no more room for discussion. For example, shift-time working is harmful.

Some people have to be awake working for all-night. They fall asleep in the morning. And the next night, they get prepared for the work again. Police, guards, medical practitioners, and shoppers working in 24-hours stores are included in this kind of jobs.

Growing evidence suggests shift-time working adversely affect the physical health. In Europe, an immature death of a shift-time worker can be certified as an industrial accident.

Financial Times: Night shift: the dangers of working around the clock

However, shift-time working is necessary for maintaining our society. There are many people calling for the help of physicians and police. But, a few people who are relatively poor are engaged in such works. In my opinion, shift-time work should be more shared by many people, especially young and vital ones. And they should be adequately rewarded. Stricter regulation for shift-time work should also proceed.

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