Thursday, June 21, 2018

Microplastics issue

Plastics are material which is artificially made by the human. They are quite stable and easy to be processed. Therefore, we have utilized massive plastic objects in the modern era.

However, the chemical stability of plastics is a problem. There are few bacteria which can discompose plastic objects in the natural setting. Thus, plastics remain perpetually at the place. It is the reason the pollution of plastics is frequently discussed recently.

Surprisingly, and also, unfortunately, we eat microplastics every day. There are microplastics spread not only in the sea but also all over the world. The human is at the top of the food chain. It means that plastics any creatures ate are to be taken in the human body.

The Conversation: You’re eating microplastics in ways you don’t even realise

It sounds terrible to know that plastics will occupy our body. But, the influence of plastics we take is still uncertain. Theoretically, plastics we took is evacuated. Therefore, researchers claim the adverse effect of the plastics we unconsciously take in the current situation is ignorable. However, the situation is changing. The more plastics float on the sea, the more risks of environmental issues arise. Considering the sustainability of the global environment, we should stop excessively relying on artificial materials which are hardly discomposed.

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