Thursday, January 12, 2017

Julian Assange's life proof using blockchain

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, a whistlebrawler website, remains in the core of argument.

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 Since June in 2012, Julian Assange has stayed at Ecuador Embassy in London in 2012. In October, however, it was rumored that the internet connection to Assange was shut down. As he could not appear even on the internet, some people doubted that he was no more alive. There were some tweets by Assange and his supporters and other fragments suggesting he is still fine. Indeed, it is possible for someone to arrange Assange's images and video to pretend he is alive.

Heavy: Where Is Julian Assange? WikiLeaks Supporters Demand Proof of Life

And recently, Assange himself showed a solution to dismiss the hypothesis that he hade deceased. He made a video message in which he spoke a part of the newest blockchain created in the Bitcoin transaction. Blockchain is a group of letters in which all transactions are recorded. Each fragment of blockchain is created at the same time of validating each transaction. As astronomical numbers of computers are engaged in creating blockchain, it is almost impossible to disguise the digits of blockchain. Also, since blockchain is lively updated, it is unfeasible for anyone to forecast the content of blockchain created in the future. Thus, reading and reporting current blockchain can be done only be alive persons.

CoinDesk: Julian Assange Just Read Out a Bitcoin Block Hash to Prove He Was Alive

The way for proof of life taken by Assange is very interesting. It is obvious that Assange loves Bitcoin as a crypt-currency without centralized administrators.

However, I think Assange's video is not enough to prove he is alive. The video image is easily fabricated with the latest technique. Someone can speak synchronized to the computer graphic as if Assange does so. After all, it is extremely difficult to distinguish a real person from fiction.

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