Monday, January 9, 2017

Mosul dam endangered to collapse

What is the difference between an official government and a revolution force? The both may consider making the world better. But, the former thinks it in a longitudinal way whereas the latter only focuses on the destruction of the current evil authority.

Mosul Dam, near ISIS territory, is in a very fragile status, according to researchers. Some specialists warn that it is not surprising if it would collapse tomorrow.

Independent: Mosul Dam could collapse at any minute 'killing 1.5 million people'

Mosul Dam was built on Tigris River in Northern Iraq in the 1980s, and it stores up to 11.1 billion cubic meters of water. Millions of people are given benefits from the dam. If it is crippled, many people will suffer from the shortage of pure water. Furthermore, the broken dam can cause a flood, leading to a disastrous effect on broad areas.

Not only Iraqi government but also foreign professionals have noticed the risk at the dam. Continuous maintenance or replacement of the dam is necessary to prevent the collapse. However, the security matter in this region cannot allow the treatment.

If ISIS claims that it is a new nation, regardless of its establishing process, it should be responsible at least for maintaining the security of its lands. But, Jihadists seems indifferent to such a fundamental issue.

This kind of problem is similar to hostage case. A good terrorist always takes care of the life of hostages. He keeps lifeline and food for long-term barricading. By contrast, extremists easily throw away their lives. In this sense, I never believe ISIS will develop their own nation.

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