Saturday, January 21, 2017

Donald Trump, the 45th US President

Yesterday, Donald Trump was inaugurated to 45th US President.

This Presidential ceremony seemed to be welcomed in Washington. Many citizens visited the place to see the ceremony. Although several lawmakers were absent, and some agitators were arrested in this day, it was rather calm launch of Trump administration. At least, I was relieved to know that he was not assassinated yesterday, as well as Obama has completed his Presidential term.

International Business Times: Donald Trump inauguration live updates: Washington welcomes 45th US president

Trump signed the Presidential decree in which the dismissal of Obama care and TPP are mentioned. It is not surprising that he has declared to make change to the previous policy Obama established. As well, Trump promised to invest millions of dollars to infrastructure. It seems that the core concern of Trump administration is stabilized employment of Americans.

I do not like Trump's ideology as America first. But today's situation allowed him to become the President. In a short term, national power of the US will be improved if Trump's talent of business works well. In the longitudinal view, however, the US will become solitary, leading to lowered presence in the world, I am afraid.

In this year, many decisive elections in some nations are planned. The future is hardly predictable.


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