Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Theresa May mentioned hard Brexit

Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK, made a comment about Brexit. She suggested the declaration of Brexit in this March.

CNN: Theresa May commits to Brexit vote in UK Parliament

Brexit was determined with the referendum conducted in last summer. Following the triumph of separatists, David Cameron resigned from the chair of the Prime Minister, and May succeeded it. However, which ways to Brexit the UK would proceed had remained unclear.

There are several benefit and restriction for the members of the EU. Participants of the EU have to accept the free movement of people in the EU. Therefore, many immigrants including refugees entered the UK for several years. Some Britains dislike it as they are competitors against native citizens for getting jobs. As well, the EU has a strong regulation of legislation in many regions. If EU courts dismiss a domestic law, the UK government has to revise it. It is unpleasant for Britains to obey a rule made by other nations.

In contrast, members of the EU can receive the advantage of free trade. Also, licenses of the financial industry are valid in every country in the EU. These accessibilities are great advantages for many companies.

The core of discussion in Brexit was the balance of benefits and disadvantages. At first, May was considered to select "soft Brexit," in which the UK would partially adhere the legislation of the EU as well as benefit from the single market of the EU as much as possible.

However, May chose "hard Brexit." According to her, the UK will no more be in the single market of the EU. Instead, the UK is willing to construct free trade relationship, suggesting FTA with each nation. At the same time, the UK will no more accept immigrants the EU is demanding.

May spoke that this way would make the UK strong again, though I do not believe it.

Donald Trump welcomed this movement and mentioned an intention to a rapid endorsement of FTA with the UK. Trump has a great talent of one-by-one negotiation. FTA seems to be affordable for Trump.

If May makes a declaration of Brexit in this March, the UK will be outside of the EU until March in 2019. There are many things to administer the process of Brexit. I wonder two years preparation is enough to address this dramatic change.

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