Sunday, January 22, 2017

Avalanche disaster in Italy

In the central Abruzzo region in Italy, an earthquake brought tragedy.

On Jan 18th in 2017, an earthquake occurred in central Italy. Its magnitude reached 5.7. The tremor was observed for several times. And after the quake, a gigantic avalanche whelmed Farindola area on the Gran Sasso mountain in the province of Pescara. Terribly, it completely buried Hotel Rigopian in which many tourists enjoyed a vacation.

Aljazeera: Italy earthquake: 'Many dead' in avalanche-hit hotel

Media reported that some skiers were rescued from the corrupted hotel. But about twenty people are still missing.

The Guardian: Italy avalanche: more people pulled alive from buried ruins of hotel

Italy relatively frequently encounters an earthquake among European countries. In last summer, an earthquake whose magnitude was 6.2 killed more than 240 people.  In 2009, a series of tremor named terremoto delll'Aquilla took more than 300 victims' life and made 60,000 people forced to evacuate.

By the way, I am shameful not knowing Italy has a ski resort. I had recognized Italy as a Mediterranean country with a warm climate. In real, it has Monte Bianco on the border with France whose height reaches 4810.9 meters. Italy has over 200 ski resorts.

Some researchers are doubtful to the causal relationship between the earthquake and the avalanche struck the hotel. It is known that earthquake often causes an avalanche. But it usually occurs immediately after the tremor. In this case, the avalanche happened two hours after a strong tremor. Considering the fact, some experts believe that this avalanche was caused not by the earthquake but by the snowstorm.

LiveScience: Earthquakes or Snowstorms? Cause of Italy's Deadly Avalanche Debated

Anyway, it is a horrible incident. I hope more survivors will be rescued.


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