Saturday, January 7, 2017

AI completely overwhelms human Go players

It was a dramatic incident that Alpha Go, an AI Go program defeated Lee Sedol, Korean Go champion, by four to one last Spring. Previously, AI Go was too weak to match a human professional player. But Alpha Go made a big progress in its quality within a short time.

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And just recently, a mysterious Go player whose handle was "master" appeared at an online Go community. Master got a total of 50 winnings. The losers included Ke Jie, the first ranked in the Go community.

Everyone wondered the real face of Master. Some people suggested as a joke that he was Sai, a manga character in "Hikaru no Go."

And finally, Google revealed that Master was an improved version of Alpha Go.

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It was not surprising according to Go players because AI Go players have different ways than humans. And the record of no defeat in 50 matches was incredible in human regardless of his or her skill.

Art Technica: That mystery Go player crushing the world’s best online? It was AlphaGo again

It is possible that Alpha Go made an evolution to the stage nobody can reach. But it is not surprising in my sense. Go is a game played on the field with 19 times 19 positions. No matter how it is large, the number of the patterns to be displayed on the field is countable. Counting is an expertise of computer.

Go is one of the most popular analog games in the world. AI will soon conquer Go itself. The next move will be Monopoly.

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Shortly, creating an AI program is paid attention as a skill of importance. And in the next era, anyone will develop AI for personal use, I believe.

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