Friday, January 13, 2017

Palm oil is attacked for health risk

Palm oil is one of the most frequently seen kinds of edible oil product. It is widely used in sweets as a domestic ingredient.

Recently, however, some researchers suggest that palm oil has carcinogenic character. European Food Safety Authority showed an animal experiment which resulted in a finding of increased prevalence of cancer. Its conclusion was that glycidyl fatty acid esters were likely to have potential harm to human.

EFTA: Process contaminants in vegetable oils and foods

Following this presentation, some food companies received criticism from consumers. Ferrero, which is popular as Nutella maker, made a comment about the safety of palm oil it adopts as an ingredient, to conclude that dismissal of palm oil was not cost-effective.

International Business Times: Nutella maker Ferrero fights back claims the palm oil-filled chocolate spread causes cancer

The health risk of saturated fatty acid has been discussed for several decades. Therefore, it is not surprising if palm oil is identified as a carcinogen. In my opinion, complete banning of palm oil is unrealistic. In Japan, rape oil is dominantly used, but it is also suspected to be harmful to human. Although healthier food taking is essential, balanced discussion is also required.

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