Thursday, January 19, 2017

The end of Obamacare

The President-elect Donald Trump has broadly criticized the policy made by the current President Barack Obama. After the inauguration, it is highly likely that he will dismiss most of the social systems established by the former administration. The first target for him may be Obamacare.

Affordable Care Act is one of the biggest legacies of Obama administration. So far, the US had not equipped any national health insurance systems. It is quite rare in developed countries. Health is the heart of our secure and happy life. But in the US, many people, especially in Republicans, believe that maintaining their health status is the responsibility of each citizen. Therefore, this common scheme for other countries, as every people have to take a health insurance, was broadly criticized.

And recently, it is said that Republican Party submitted a bill to repeal Affordable Care Act. Now, Republicans are dominant in both upper and lower house, and Trump will permit the bill to pass. Thus, Obamacare will be terminated shortly.

The New York Times: The Biggest Changes Obamacare Made, and Those That May Disappear

Although some schemes made at the same time of Obamacare will survive, it will be a big change. Millions of the US citizens will lose their health insurance. Taxpaying of wealthy people will be a little eased because of the compression of expenditure for Obamacare. As a result, inequality between rich people and citizens with natural handicaps will be broadened.

Despite the importance of health care, it is unfeasible to throw unlimited cost into medical and pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, some people unwillingly get congenital diseases. We are responsible for such people, I think, because people born with a healthy body are merely lucky. I do not agree with dismissal of Obamacare.

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