Sunday, January 29, 2017

The influence of fake news on the Presidential vote is limited: A study suggests

Last year, Donald Trump had a historic triumph on Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential vote.

The forecast in media reports suggested the advantage of Clinton before the election. And Trump had made comments to criticize media report. As well, he suspected that the vote itself was manipulated and he said he would not accept the defeat if Clinton wins.

However, the result is surprising. Now, some supporters of Clinton are vowing the possibility of fraud.

Russia is suspected to be associated with the Presidential campaign for the victory of Trump. Obama, the ex-president, made a sanction as exiling some Russian ambassadors.

As well, some claim that fake news was spread to dispraise the reputation of Clinton. Facebook was blamed as broadening incorrect information of the candidates.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook denied the suspicion, and committed to developing a new system for more reliable sources of information.

Then, is it true American citizens were twisted by the fake news? A study has dismissed the possibility.

The Nation: 'Fake news' didn't change US election outcome: study

According to the researchers, only eight percent of people had believed some fake news. It was true that Trump-sided fake news was dominant than Clinton-sided fake news on the social media. But, the influence of the internet and social media was so limited that it would not have changed the conclusion of the election.

I have not read the report in detail. And I am doubtful if the survey has been completed in a proper way so that the influence of the fake news is exactly calculated. Nonetheless, I admit the conclusion. The presidential vote is not a simple event. The both candidates had conducted many efforts to gain the trust of citizens. Even if a considerable amount of sources were utilized to mesmerize the voters' eyes, it would not reach to be decisive.

American people chose Donald Trump. It is a fact, though I never believe it is a good idea.

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