Sunday, January 1, 2017

My goal in 2017: Temperate

A happy new year!

As you know, I set my personal principle every year.

2009: Responsible
2010: Deepen, widen, and take care of myself
2011: Carry out
2012: Do well
2013: Take risks
2014: Do immediately and every day
2015: Forecasting
2016: Accept and stare

Last year, as I prospected, I had some bitter experiences. I accepted them as they belonged to me. As a result, I felt I became more tolerate.

And this year, my goal is to be temperate.

Actually, I am worrying about my physical health. I often overeat than I absorb. Binge eating habit will bring me some troubles. Therefore, I should keep adequate amount of food whenever I have meal.

As well, not being greed is important in my life for gaining others' trust. I want to be a man who always keep an eye to the circumstance around me, not only for myself but also everyone than me.

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