Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Antibiotics in chicken hamburgers

Burger King banned antibiotics in the chickens of the hamburger.

The Guardian: Burger King to cut use of antibiotics in its chicken as part of superbug fight

Using antibiotics to kettles has been an issue for several decades. Once infectious diseases are spread in the farm, it inflicts a critical damage to consumers. Therefore, antibiotics were deemed as a necessary evil in stockbreeding.

However, recent overdosing of antibiotics brought a new problem: superbug. Some bacteria acquire resistance to antibiotics thanks to frequent exposure to them. Pharmaceutical companies develop new antibiotics one after another. But the evolution speed of bacteria is superior to the effort of researchers. Finally, the only solution to prevent the emergence of superbugs is refraining from the use of strong antibiotics, ironically.

The policy of Burger King seems rational. But it may be outdated. McDonald's and Wendy's have already adopted a more strict policy regarding antibiotics.

Reducing antibiotics is a not easy mission both in human and kettles. If big companies lead the anti-antibiotic trend, other companies are likely to follow it. I welcome Burger King's challenge, regardless of the magnitude.

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