Friday, January 27, 2017

Trumps is eager to taxing from Mexico

The relationship between the US and Mexico is worsening, as expected after the inauguration of the US President Donald Trump.

He expressed the idea of building a great wall between the US and Mexico for preventing increased illegal refugees from Mexico. Immediately after the inauguration, he committed to enforcing this plan. But, it will take trillions of dollars. At first, Trump claimed that Mexico should pay the cost, but undoubtedly, Enrique Peña Nietohe, the President of Mexico, refused it. He canceled the meeting with Trump, suggesting increased tension between the both nations.

Then, Trump said to set 20% tax on Mexican imports to compensate for the building cost of the wall.

The Guardian: Trump calls for 20% tax on Mexican imports to pay for border wall

It is not only an arrogant but also a stupid idea. First, determination of trade tax is a contract of the both counterparts after long-term negotiation. If one country raises the tax rate one-sidedly, it will inflict a major chaos to the trade industry itself. Second, World Trade Organization, or WTO, is supervising the tax rate of any members. The US will be sued by WTO if Trump's plan is realized. Indeed, the US has frequently appealed to WTO for resolving trade friction so far. Some people guess Trump will consider quitting WTO. But it would be no good for the US, considering the fact that the US is one of the nations which get benefits from the regulation of WTO the most. And third, if hiked tax is accepted, it will be American people to pay it, because increased tax will result in the raised price. Especially, many products from Mexico are commodity. Then, citizens with low income will suffer more.

Furthermore, it is quite unsure the border wall will contribute to the reduced crime rate in the US. Trump said Mexicans were rapists. It is an extremely absurd idea. Most immigrants including refugees are benign and harmless regardless of the nationality. There are some illegal foreign workers also in Japan. But I have not heard that they commit many crimes frequently. Rather, they are afraid of being arrested.

Of course, it is indispensable to block professional terrorists from entering the land. In real, however, many terrorists are made in each country outside of the territories of extremists. Why? They become sympathetic to terrorists' speech while living in a foreign country. And it is because they are discriminated there.

In conclusion, Trump's exclusive policy has a great risk for creating domestic terrorists. The most powerful way of suppressing the terror and crimes is to make citizens potentially risky to become an outlaw rich in the US.

In conclusion, I do not hesitate saying Trump's policy is stupid. I wonder Trump's policy will be realized. Although many people criticize his opinion, he will not listen to their voice. As well, many Americans support him. I wonder how other countries will react the attitude of the US.


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