Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Limitation of food therapy

There are many procedures to keep your body healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately, most of them lack certain evidence of the efficacy in spite of many believers. Every year, many diet methods are introduced, to be forgotten after a year.

Of course, some of these methods are presented with reliable data suggesting its effectiveness. But most of them are applicable only for some limited people. It is difficult to establish an ultimate method of health promotion. As a result, most people try some ways of so-called healthy habits merely as a fashion.

For example, there is an article mentioning some good habits below.

Hindustan Times: To a new beginning: 7 health trends to look out for this year

The evidence that herbal teas have a good influence on your health is quite scarce. It is likely that replacing some cup of teas with sugar in your everyday life to non-sugar herbal teas is beneficial. But it is not attributed to herbal tea. The considerable intensity of evidence suggests the harm on your health of the white sugar.

The good of inflammation-fighting foods is also doubtful. The immune system in human is so complicated that any single food can alter its strength. Actually, some plants are known to have the anti-inflammatory effect. Most of them have already been utilized as a medical drug. If some new sources of anti-inflammatory food are detected, they will be examined by pharmaceutical companies, to be refined for medical drugs.
After all, the power of a particular food is inferior to drugs.

Therefore, I recommend you not to trust foods and supplements therapy so much. They may make your life a little richer, but never save your life.

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