Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tap water

Do you buy a bottle of water in a glossary store? The answer to this question will depend on your situation, including the nation.

In Japan, most people drink tap water without any concern. Some buy a bottle of water as leisure. Evian is often prepared in a conference hall.

In the UK, I also used tap water. I sometimes ordered tap water in a restaurant because still water was expensive. On the other hand, my request was rejected in Hungary for the reason that Hungarians did not drink tap water.

In some countries, you cannot drink tap water. Otherwise you get ill. In this case, getting pure water is essential for you to maintain your health. Fortunately, Japan is one of the countries in which tap water is safe. Japanese people traditionally had a great interest in the quality of water. I have heard that the essence of Japanese cuisine is water. It is oil for Chinese cuisine, and milk for French.

To be honest, I am rather indifferent to the taste of water. I cannot distinguish the bottle of water from tap water with tasting. It seems the same in the journalists of International Business Times.

International Business Times: Is expensive water really any different from tap water?

This survey was conducted with only seven participants. Therefore, it is unsure that ordinary people can identify taste water. And, the safety of water is another point of view. It is sometimes reported that arsenicum is contaminated in tap water. The content of water in daily use should regularly be examined, regardless of its price.

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