Sunday, June 19, 2016

Security and mobility are issues of concern for IT workers

A result of an international survey in which more than 1,000 people regarding working with IT devices were subjected were reported. According to researchers, PC design is important to satisfy the employees in a work setting.

Decision makers in IT industry believed mobility of the devices were needed for productive work. Unattractive design and short battery life were pointed as main reasons for dissatisfaction in the job with a PC.

Nineteen percent of administrative staffs were concerned about device security. It is surprising that one-fourth of Europe’s businesses has experienced being breached in a year, according to the survey. The level of seriousness may be various, but being cracked brings a deep worry to employees and force them to be involved in unnecessary works. The importance of IT security is quite essential.

ITProPortal: PC design important for employee satisfaction, survey says

This survey was conducted by Redshift Research. This company offers several styles of surveys for customers. Unfortunately, I could not find the full text of this survey. Therefore, I have not examined the validity of these results above. But I believe the facts presented by the media are reasonable to some extent.

Many companies share some problems, especially in IT industry. Security and mobility have been dominant issues in recent years. It is noteworthy that these two elements are hard to be achieved at the same time. Mobile devices are more vulnerable than desktop PCs connected to LAN only. Innovation is needed to solve this dilemma.

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