Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cllinton got the nomination of Democratic Party

At last, Hillrary Clinton won the nomination of Democratic Party as the candidate of President. She is the first Presidential candidate in a major party in the US, as she was defeated by Obama in the past.

CNN: Hillary Clinton clinches Democratic presidential nomination

Her victory was estimated in early stage of presidential campaign. However, opposing Bernard Sanders took a crucial role in a close competition. He named himself as a social-democrat. It means that considerable amount of the US people are attracted in the policy of socialists. It could not be imagined in the era of the cold war.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has won in Republican Party earlier. His statements are too aggressive and fantastic to be adopted in the national political strategy. So, few people believed he would survive the presidential campaign. Now, no one can laugh at him as a foolish agitator. Many White Americans in the middle class support him.

However, Trump's ideology is different from the mainstream of conservatives. It is unsure that members of Republican Party will get along with his extreme thoughts in many regions. Some people will turn to vote Clinton in the final election.

Therefore, my expectation is the triumph of Clinton. However, it is no more an illusion that Trump will be the President. If it occurs, the world will face greater risks. Trump has declared that he would retreat the US armies from South Korea and Japan unless each country will compensate their expenditure for maintaining armies. If it is realized, Korean Peninsula will encounter a chaotic situation.

In terms of economy, Trump is going to dismiss the TPP. It will cause confusion on the world trade. By the way, Clinton is also making a complaint about the content of TPP. But she will establish the alliance at last if she is elected.

It is no doubt that Presidential election in the US is quite influential, although the US itself is losing the impact on the world's situation. In this month, the vote in the UK about Brexit will also be conducted. We have to keep an eye on the results of these decisive events.

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