Sunday, June 26, 2016

RPG event by Snakeholder

This weekend, I attended an event performed by Snakeholder.

Snakeholder is an organization composed of some college students. It is aiming to provide multiplayer gaming events. I knew this group via MENSA journal. And I participated in an event yesterday.

Snakeholder (in Japanese)

This time, participants enjoyed an RPG like session. Each player took a job of either knight, hunter, wizard, or sage, and developed a party of four players. They tried to defeat the demon lord after several quests. This session was totally collaborative, thus no one can deceive other players.

Each player can purchase strong weapons and learn powerful skills. To gain stronger abilities, you have to pay some materials such as a magic crystal and a dragon’s scale. And you can find them in some dungeons. To conquer a dungeon, you have to answer a riddle.

The place of the game was an office of Arara, an IT company. The office was rough and had a unique atmosphere. Several hints and flavor texts were displayed on the wall of the room. Some of the riddles cannot be solved without this description.

Arara (in Japanese)

In the battle, it is better for each player to take their own responsibility. Knight can protect other players with a shield when they recharge the skills. Wizard is good damage dealer as well as enhancing knight’s attack. Sage can revive a dead player, but he is likely to be killed due to his lesser hit point. To be honest, my party lacked hunter, so I am not sure what hunter’s advantage is. Perhaps, he can inflict an explosive damage with some ranged attack.

In this event, there was no interaction between teams. It was a little sorry because negotiation and collaboration with other teams are one of the true charms of the multiplayer game. It was for the first time for Snakeholder to perform an RPG like an event. A more exciting game will come in the next time.

My teammates were gentle and brilliant so that almost all riddles were solved by them. In spite of the lack of hunter, my team could defeat the final enemy.

I completely enjoyed this event for only 1,500 JPY. I hope to participate again.

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