Sunday, June 12, 2016

Large bottle of perfume is banned not to be drunk as alcohol in Russia

Komi Republic in the central Russia was revealed considering to ban large bottles of perfume. The reason is to prevent death related to alcohol misuse.

In Russia, not a few people drink alcohol-based products such as perfume and cleaning liquid. In general, these products are cheaper than alcohol for drink because their taxation rate is less. Taking such products can be often fatal.

International Business Times: Russian ban on large bottles of perfume to stop alcoholics drinking them

The government is planning to restrict their bottle size so that they will cost more. I think this solution is effective if realized. No one would buy more expensive and less-tasty alternative.

Also in Japan, methylalcohol for industrial use were consumed by some alcoholistic people the other days. They are so toxic to inflict damage on visual nerve system.

Generally speaking, regulating risky substances from improper use is a good solution to avoid undesired outcomes, especially when it can be easily administered. In Hong Kong, regulating the selling of charcoal, which is producing carbon monoxide, and attaching safe fences on the top of buildings were successful to reduce suicides.

My past entry: Suicide prevention and public

Russia is now one of the nations with very high suicide rate. Alcohol dependence is highly relevant to suicide. Therefore, it seems decisive for Russia to address the issue quickly. It was just a few years ago when beer was defined as alcohol beverage in Russia. Attempts for banning alcohol misuse is proceeding.


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