Monday, June 13, 2016

Nude restaurant in Japan seems different from the original

Very recently, The Bunyadi, a restaurant in which guests can enjoy a meal without wearing clothes, was opened. It is reported thousands of people have made a reservation.

International Business Times: The Bunyadi: Is the food any different if you're naked in the restaurant?

And the next month, a restaurant with the similar concept will be open also in Tokyo. Its name is The Amrita. In Sanskrit, its meaning is holy water to make the drinker immortal in Sanskrit.

The Amrita (in Japanese)

In the Amrita, however, you cannot be completely naked. You are ordered to wear a G-string shorts before entering the hall. A Roman style bathrobe is offered if requested.

Surprisingly, there is a regulation about body weight in this restaurant. Fatty guests can be prohibited from using the restaurant. Also, people with tattoos are not allowed.

Irorio: Naked restaurant will open in Tokyo (in Japanese)

In Amrita, some attractions of musclar men wearing only a G-string shorts are planned. Waiters also wear a G-string shorts.

Considering these characters, Amrita is far from sharing the ideology of Bunyadi. The founder Bunyadi intends to let guests enjoy dinner in the environment free from any inhibitors, including noise, electricity, and clothes. On the contrary, Amrita seems to want guests to enjoy watching beautiful bodies especially musclar men. When Bunyadi resembles a nudists' beach, Amrita is like a strip theater.

My past entry: Restaurant for nudists in London

It is unsure whether ladies are willing to enter Amrita. In my perspective, Amrita will be crowded with male bodybuilders and some gay men. It is considerable for Amrita to offer protain-rich cuisine for guests. Though the both are interesting as a new type facility, it is improper to understand Amrita and Bunyadi in the same context.

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