Friday, June 10, 2016

Second impression on MacBook 2016 model

Two weeks have passed since I got the new MacBook.

My past entry: MacBook early 2016 has come

It is not for the first time I tried a Mac. I bought the first model of MacBook Air. However, it was far from satisfactory, though its shape was attractive. I used it as an alternative Windows PC using Bootcamp for only one year. Battery and storage volume were disadvantageous.

This MacBook is different.

1. Lack of USB and other ports

Some people refer it as the most troublesome character of MacBook. It equips only one USB Type-C port. It means you cannot connect a USB memory stick without a converter.

I do not care it.

I seldom use a USB memory stick. If I am when I have to use it frequently, I will buy a memory stick with dual connectors (USB 3.0 and USB Type-C). It costs a little, but will solute every problem.

2. Typing sense

I have not been accustomed to its butterfly-type keyboard. But it is good. Amazingly, I feel strange when I touch the keyboard of another thin laptop PC. This keyboard will be the standard for the next generation laptops, perhaps.

3. Performance

I am not annoyed with the slow speed of processing of MacBook. Its CPU is not so excellent, but have enough power for daily use.

4. Battery life

It is a point. MacBook survives for a very long time when it is suspended. However, its battery lasts less than ten hours when I use it. The official announcement about the battery power is inflated, I think.

5. Appearance

Quite cool, not to mention. Fanless structure is also good. But, Macbook becomes too hot to place it on your knees.

Now I am learning about how to handle the Mac.


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