Saturday, June 4, 2016

Schroedinger's cat and lovely world

Today, I read a book written by Toshihiko Miura, a Japanese logician. I like his books very much, as previously I wrote. He explains several concepts of logics with simple words and metapher so that I can easily understand them.

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In this book entitled "Thought experiment as a real game (in Japanese)," he described about quantum mechanism.

Quantum mechanism is a newly developed theory. It is an innovative concept which replaces some conventional theories such as Newton physics. It is interesting that quantum mechanism is described in a context of logics.

Schroedinger's cat is one of most popular anecdote of quantum mechanism. A cat is in a box. One day, the box is exposed to a radioactive substance. There is 50% of possibility that the cat will be killed due to this radioactive event. It is unable for us to certify whether the cat is dead or alive before opening the box. Then, is the cat dead or alive before being examined?

The answer quantum mechanism supports is that the cat is dead as well as alive. Thus the future is not fixed before we can observe it. Once we examine the fact, several possible futures will immediately converge into one certain reality.

This idea is hardly acceptable for many people, I guess. However, it is no more surprising that several worlds similar to ours exist in a certain place in the universe, according to the newest astronomy. Each of us shares several possible worlds, and every time we make a decision convergence occurs.

Considering it, what you see is merely one possibility of unlimited worlds. It is possible that you are not as you are. If you are jealous to another person, imagine this: you must be superior to the person in another parallel world. An extremely talented and excellent person in front of you is only lucky enough to exist in the current world.

It is the reason why you must be tolerant to the reality and you need not respect anyone.


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