Tuesday, June 21, 2016

MP in anti-Brexit campaign was shot

In the UK waiting for the referendum of Brexit, a terrible incident occurred. Jo Cox, a member of parliament (MP) who was claiming the UK should remain in the EU, was shot to death.

Reuters: British lawmaker shot dead, EU referendum campaigns suspended

It was June 14, 2016. Jo Cox belonged to opposing Labour Party and took a role of advocate for Britain remaining in the EU. She was shot and stabbed with a blade during preparing for a meeting with voters.

After she was dead, campaigns both for Brexit and anti-Brexit were suspended for a couple of days. MPs were recalled to Parliament to pay tribute to her.

The Telegraph: Jo Cox death: MPs recalled to Parliament to pay tribute to murdered colleague

It is unsure how this case will influence the referendum. The poll firstly conducted after the incident had suggested the Remain vote became a little advantageous. But the difference between the both positions was only three percent. Each stance in the media is various.

Bloomberg: First Brexit Poll Since Jo Cox Killing Has ‘Remain’ in Lead

Mail Online: Brexit vote hangs in the balance after Jo Cox murder: Polls divided after MP's killing leaves country undecided ahead of EU referendum

Mirror: Jo Cox's death sparks EU referendum poll surge for Remain as tragedy changes opinion

In my opinion, Jo’s death influenced against Brexit; even its effect was limited. It means not only voters became sympathetic to Jo, but also an exclusive attitude is no more constructive. If Jo is dead, her speech remains. The idea that an assassination will be a solution to a conflict is quite outdated. Of course, murder cannot be accepted for any reasons.

I pray for Jo. Brexit is a critical issue for not only British but also all over the world. I wish British people will think deeply about it, without any violent ways, and make a desirable conclusion.

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