Friday, June 17, 2016

Microsoft get LinkedIn

Microsoft bought LinkedIn for 26.2 billion USD.

ITProPortal: Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

LinkedIn is a social network service platform. Different from another similar service like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is aiming to help professional users. It is structured for the purpose of business use, so that users are supported in connecting with business partners and get new jobs on the internet with ease.

LinkedIn is very popular in the US. However, the use of LinkedIn has not been spread so much in Japan. I think one of the reasons is the inflexibility of Japanese working environment.

The amount of purchase was the highest in recent deals in IT industry. Some people are afraid that Microsoft has paid excessive money. Even if the combination of Microsoft and LinkedIn will generate some synergistic power, it seems doubtful that this it will compensate the expenditure.

Bloomberg: What the LinkedIn Deal Reveals About Bubbles

Microsoft is sharing its ideology with LinkedIn to some extent. Thus, they want people to make more successes in business. Also, it is concentrating on cloud services, represented by Office 365. Enhancing the potential in social network field is essential for Microsoft. Nonetheless, it is unsure for Microsoft that gaining LinkedIn will make a profit in the future.

For the users’ side, it will be attractive if you can share documents made with MS Office with LinkedIn members without restriction. It is possible that someone on the internet will suggest better phrases when you are struggling in writing a concept paper. There are much more other functions to be realized by the combination of Microsoft and LinkedIn.

Personally, my concern is that the performance of Windows 10 is far from satisfactory. Before launching new services with LinkedIn, more stabilized OS must be offered.

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