Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brexit determined, UK to leave EU

The UK made a historic decision about Brexit.

International Business Times: Brexit live updates: UK has officially voted to leave the EU

The issue whether the UK should leave EU or remains had been a topic hard to determine. David Cameron, the Prime Minister in the UK was on the side of remain. But, there were several Members of Parliament opposing him even in his Conservative Party. Boris Johnson, the previous Mayor of London was supporting Brexit strongly.

In general, Brexit was deemed as advantageous for the UK regarding social security. Members of EU should accept immigrants from other countries. The UK is very popular for immigrants, so some British people feel threatened by the immigrants getting rid of their job opportunity. In addition, terrorists may enter the UK from the Middle East, contaminated in the immigrants. Cameron promised to limit the amount of the immigrants and negotiated with EU, but his attempt seems not successful so far.

On the other hand, Brexit would do serious damage to the UK economy. If the UK leave EU, several companies will lose the privileges they had kept in dealing with other EU countries. This influence is serious especially in financial industry. And finance is one of the dominant ways for the UK to get the profit.

Other countries in EU did not want the UK to leave EU, of course. Brexit would cause confusion, and it might lead to the collapse of EU. A couple of years ago, Greece was focused on leaving EU (Grexit). This argument weakened Euro to a certain extent. If Brexit had been realized, Euro, as well as GBP, would have rapidly fallen.

This referendum was promised to conduct by Cameron a couple of years ago. Nearly 50 millions of citizens took a vote. The parliament was to adhere to the result as a principle.

The result has suggested Brexit.

To be honest, I was very surprised to see this result. I had believed British people chose to remain. Some polls had supported it, and were bookmakers too.

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I guess politicians are also astonished to this vote. Speakers in BBC broadcasting repeatedly announced that democratic vote should be respected. It does not seem the government is preparing for Brexit. Only two years remain for the UK to withdraw the right as a member of EU. Several newly legislation should be established soon to minimize the confusion around Brexit.

Now, I am not sure where the UK is going. Although the outcome is victorious for Brexit, it seems difficult to carry out the withdrawal from EU according to the decision because a half of citizens are opposing it. The situation will remain chaotic for a while.



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