Saturday, June 18, 2016

3D printed building rises in Dubai

Have you used a 3D printer, or ever touched a product?

3D printing is just newly developed technology. It has not been recognized publicly yet, but has big potential. Recently, several usages of 3D printer were proposed. They include some strange objects such as missing limbs of dead persons were presented. In Japan, a woman was arrested for duplicating her sex organ to exhibit it.

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And now, a house can be built with a 3D printer. It was reported that a 3D printed building was completed in Dubai for the first time.


It looks like a modern-styled office composed of one floor. I could hardly identify that it was created by a 3D printer with watching the movie.

It is amazing to see a house which was 3d printed at a glance. But, considering some characteristics of buildings, it seems quite rational to create an accommodation using a 3D printer. First, the building is a solid and highly calculated object. 3D printing also requires a detailed design drawing. Second, cement and concrete are frequently used for building a house. These materials are well matching to a 3D printer. And third, duplicating several buildings with a simple form is often a solution to make many accommodations in a short period.

Considering these facts, 3D printed house will be accepted in some developing countries. It will be much cheaper than constructing a whole building. Customization will be enabled afterwards if you want a unique house. I think it will be popular within several years in some regions.

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