Saturday, June 11, 2016

IS is suffering from lack of money

The conflict in the Middle East is continuous. In several organizations composed of extremists, Islamic State (IS) has attracted attention in recent years.

The US and its allies are opposing IS, several European countries as well. However, Syria, in which quarterback of IS exists, is still in chaos. The policy against extremists differs from each country. It makes the situation more complicated.

In a recent report, IS is suffering from the shortage of budget. It cannot pay enough salary to its soldiers, leading to letting some of them leave IS.

MSN: Islamic State can't pay fighters, US Treasury says

Since IS is not acknowledged as a nation internationally, it cannot administer domestic currency. There is a few source of money for IS. Oil cash from compromised facilities is one of the main products.

The US performed bombing attacks on IS cash stores and oil shipments to restrict its productivity. In addition, major banking system prohibited the deal with IS and relevant organizations. These remedies seem effective to do damage on IS management.

However, there is another way for IS to gain money: ransom. It is predicted that IS will be eager to take more hostages to get the ransoms. We should be aware of increased risk of being kidnapped.

In general, a donation from pupils is one of a major budget source for a religious organization. It is unsure some rich people are in the back of IS. Even if there are, it is still true that no money, no life.


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