Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is an inflammatory disease of shoulder, also called as adhesive capsulitis of shoulder. It often occurs in a person who is in middle age, so it is named "Shiju kata [40s shoulder] " or "Goju kata [50s shoulder] " in Japanese.

Patient: Frozen shoulder

The patients of frozen shoulder feel painful when raising up their arm. This pain inhibits the patient's daily activity such as wearing clothes, washing teeth, and bringing baggage. The pain is consistent so that patients suffer from the pain for several months. There is no particular treatment for frozen shoulder. Pain killer and rehabilitation are often suggested to deal with this disease.

Just one month ago, I felt sharp pain in my shoulder when I raised my right arm. It happened on the morning immediate after I woke up. Therefore, I supposed that frozen shoulder began on me. I was aware of vulnerability of my body. So, it was not surprising for me. I decided to be patient until the pain would be alleviated.

The pain was so sharp as if my bone was going through a narrow hole made from iron. On the other hand, it was not so extremely painful. Unless I move my arm quickly, the pain did not occurred.

One month passed. One day, I was engaged in a clinical work at a psychiatric clinic. I took a short break as there were no patients waiting for my consultation. All at sudden, my right shoulder made a click sound. It was so very small sound that I hardly heard it but only sensed it. Then, I felt no more painful regardless of the movement of my arm.

Is the symptoms annoying me due to really frozen shoulder? Or I had subluxation of the shoulder joint? If so, it is a little odd that I suffered from the pain only occasionally. Anyway, I am now OK. I should be cautious to observe my physical status for a while. It is still possible I encounter the onset of frozen shoulder.


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