Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vacation in Italy: extra

After all, I felt Italy a fascinating country.
It is unfortunate that, however, there are some issues in Italy for travelers.

First, Italy is not so friendly to travelers.
Buses going around some place for sightseeing are all crowded. It perhaps results from mismatch of time schedule. If they reformed a timetable more efficient, we would be much more comfortable.

Of course, most of Italian people were quite pleasant. But at least they did not take account on efficiency. They prefer to enjoy spending time, rather than pursue cost-effectiveness. In is sorry that travelers usually have not enough time.

Second, electronic devices were not trustworthy in Italy. I found some ATM machine out of service. I reserved some Train tickets via the internet but the system was often troubled. Compared to Japan, these kinds of inconvenience are intolerable.

Although above disadvantages were not so critical, the final problem would be crucial.
Italy is  smoky!

We smell tobacco everywhere in Italy, especially in southern areas. When getting out of a hotel, I always have to absorb grains of tobacco. It is desperate for me as I am extremely hatred of tobacco.
It is a little odd that Italian people like to smoke so much. Antismoking movement is a global trend. People for sightseeing must be annoyed to smell tobacco. I wonder Italian government would dare to restrict tobacco in the future.

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