Thursday, October 10, 2013

A new research of suicide prevention in Japan

Today I introduce a preferable news of a research to prevent suicide.
Mr. Yutaka Ohno has published that community-based intervention was proved to be beneficial  to reduce the rate of suicide and related accidents.

This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of a comprehensive attempt to prevent suicide. They succeeded to certify that community-based care could decrease the rate of suicide or attempted suicide by 7%.

This kind of intervention was effective especially for male or elderly people. It may be related to the fact that the suicide rate of those categories of the people has much increased in Japan recently.

I know that there are some reports suggesting the efficacy of suicide prevention. Nonetheless, it is delightful that it has been proven that there is a solution for suicide prevention in Japan.

I watched that some mass media reported the result. I am concerned about that some of them overestimated the effectiveness. For example, a report referred to 23% reduction of male only. The fact is that the result was not satisfactory in female, younger people, or in urban areas. The author emphasizes that we should consider the character of the targets. We have to be humble to interpret the result of a research.

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