Friday, October 25, 2013

Journey to Belgium (1)

I visited Belgium to attend an academic conference.

Belgium is a country located in western Europe. It is a small country but has an important role in the EU, especially at the geographic location. It is for the first time for me to visit Belgium.

There is no flightplan from Japan to Belgium directly. So I had to go to Belgium via Frankfurt Airport.

I have used Frankfurt Airport once. It is a large and clean airport.
I ate a hamburger, which is ranked in World best 50 foods. It was quite delicious. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo.

After all, I landed at Brussels National Airport. I took 13 hours from Japan to Brussels.
Brussels is the capital of Belgium. Its population is 1 million.

I rode on  bus to go to Ghent, my destination.
From the a window I could see a building like a palace. I do not know whether it was the Palais Royale or not.

Finally I reached Ghent. The day was rainy. It was a little colder than Tokyo.

(To be continued.)

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