Saturday, October 19, 2013

Forensic Psychiatry Conference

Today, we held an academic conference about forensic psychiatry.

Seminar Information Website (in Japanese)

The theme of this conference is "Multiangle Approaches in Clinical Situation". We invited 3 key speakers who are engaged in clinical psychiatry. The specialties of each speaker are Psychopharmacology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Emergency Psychiatry. After the teaching seminar, we held a case conference with panel discussions. The case presented is a woman who is suffering from self injury. The three speakers made comments related to their specialties.

The conference was completed with great pleasure of the audience. I was very glad to fulfill my responsibility. I appreciate all the participants.

On the other hand, this conference has a hidden purpose.
I am continuing to pursue the method to motivate mental health practitioners to learn about forensic mental health. In Japan, it has not been long since the concept of forensic psychiatry was developed. There are few specialists dealing with forensic mental health. Most of Japanese psychiatrist deems forensic psychiatrists as strange people. They do not think they are possible to be involved in the forensic situation in their activities. However, this thought has been proven to be incorrect with our recent study. The fact is that most psychiatrists have to know about forensic mental health more or less.

I conducted a questionnaire survey to the participants of the conference. I hope that the result will indicate that this kind of experience can change their recognition about forensic mental health.

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