Sunday, October 20, 2013

Failure of washing machine

Today, my washing machine does not work well again. It was about a month ago, that I asked for repair of this machine. The engineer who came to my home was very polite, but against his work, it was disabled again.

I am afraid that this machine will never be repaired. If so, I have to buy a new one. Consumer electronics hardly break in Japan. Most Japanese continue to use their home appliances for a decade. I heard some machines made in a foreign country are more vulnerable. I feel unlucky when my machine breaks.

A few years ago, I had an experience that the bath in my home stopped working all of sudden. Hot water could not be supplied. It was winter, so I had to visit a public bath everyday. It was a bitter memory, because I was busy for some reason.
There are lots of household tools; washing machine, hot water supply, cooking machine, and so on. We are not conscious to be helped by them a lot. When one of them disabled, we would be strongly annoyed. It is a mini disaster.


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  1. Oh,no! Take care! ...But I think it is less stressful compared to the bath trouble, is't it?