Friday, October 25, 2013

Journey to Belgium (2)

Journey to Belgium (1)

Ghent is the third largest town in Belgium that is a hometown of "The blue Bird".

I heard that there were some places worth to visit in Ghent. However, my purpose was not sightseeing. I went to the International Conference Center (ICC) directly.

The ICC Ghent is located nearby Citadel Park. The park was so beautiful.

Thousands of leaves turned red or yellow. Inside the park was quite calm. Some birds were swimming on a pond.

The ICC was a solid building which equips several meetingrooms.

I noticed there were lots of cars in Ghent. Parking space seemed not to be enough. This historical town may have a difficulty to deal with the rapid change of lifestyle.

In Belgium sunrise is delayed. The picture was taken at 8 am.

Instead, it was very light even at twilight. I was confused. In Japan, it is nonsense that it is lighter at 8 pm than at 8 am. But it is a common sense only in Japan. I remembered that Mr. Inose, Governor of Tokyo proposed to shift the time table in Japan.

(To be continued)

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  1. Fine! And it looks sunny, peolpe said that is the most important thing in traveling it rains so often.