Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Accidental airplanes

There is a couple of bad news about airlines.
Alitalia is nearly dead.

Alitalia needs 300m euro capital increase

Alitalia, a national airline of Italy was facing to the risk of default only a few days ago. This troublesome company was proven to have hired a lot of thieves several months before.

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I used Alitalia just the last month to visit Italy. If Alitalia had bankrupted, Italy and adjoin countries would be thrown into a peril. Fortunately, Air France, a stakeholder of Alitalia has risen to rescue her. However, Air France is also willing to have a big deal.

Air France decision on Alitalia rescue evenly balanced: source

It seems quite difficult to manage an airline. I was astonished to hear that Japan airlines bankrupted in 2010.

Now I heard more miserable news. An airplane belongs to Laos airlines crashed into Mekong river, to cause a fatal result of all 44 passengers and 5 crews.

Canadian among 49 people killed in Laos air crash

I sometimes hear news of an accident of an airplane. In total, the airplane is the most safe vehicle. Nonetheless, I have to be concerned about this kind of news.

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I pray for the victims. R.I.P.

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