Thursday, October 17, 2013

Long way to renewable energy

In Europe, utilization of renewable-energy seems to be reaching a deadlock.

The Wall Street Journal: The New Dark Continent, Wind and solar mandates are breaking Europe's electric utilities

This article deems renewable-energy such as wind and solar power as an obstacle against economic growth in Europe. A fixed rule of buying energy produced by wind or solar can restrict the management of electric companies, for its instable of availability.

The fact has been proven since many years ago. We cannot make energy with solar power in a cloudy day. It is a simple matter. Therefore, some alternative ways always have to be ready. Renewable-energy cannot replace carbon or atomic energy completely, at least now.

In Japan, after the earthquake and Tsunami disaster, Fukushima Daiichi atomic power plant was crippled in 2011. Even now the status is not controllable.
Many Japanese blamed Tokyo Electronic Power Company. A great movement of the shift from atomic power to renewable-energy has risen. All parties except ruling Liberal Democratic Party promise the future without atomic power plants. In a result, electric fee has increased due to the stasis of atomic power plants almost all over Japan.

I guess the situation in Japan is similar to Germany in 20 years ago. European countries have made great effort to get rid of atomic power. Nonetheless, business of renewable-energy has not been monetized yet. We have to watch the real situation.

I think that atomic power is essential for some decades, especially in Japan, without natural resources. Improvement of the technology around atomic power is a theme which Japan has to commit.

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