Monday, October 21, 2013

Drone delivery comes true

This is a surprising news. A flying object delivers a package to a consumer.
In Sydney, drone delivery service is nearly realized, according to this article.

Pandodaily: Zookal starts “world first” delivery-by-drone service in Sydney.

I was surprised to know that the drones equip no camera. They use GPS to find the destination. I wonder how the drones avoid crashing into an obstacle.
This article suggests that drone delivery shorten the waiting time by 2 or 3 days. I do not think that the drones fly over 72 hours. Reduction of the delivery time may be due to cutting the loading time. The more complicated the logistics are, the more effective the straight way of the delivery course by drones is.

It is more surprising that flying delivery is partially available in China. According to this article, this drone can deliver a birthday cake. I think a cake is so vulnerable that I will receive a crushed cake.

CNET: Drones in China deliver packages, even a birthday cake

It will be problematic that there will be full of drones in the sky, even I cannot imagine.

And I can hardly believe this news even now. I have seen this news as a joke of April fool just a half year ago.

The Atrantic: Newspapers, Delivered by Drone?
The drone is also described as a merciless weapon. In the movie "Oblivion" drones are quite awful killing machines. Also in the real world, not a few people were killed by drones.

How can we deal with the automatic flyer? I wish it will help our daily lives.

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