Friday, October 4, 2013

Average video gamer

What do you imagine about video gamers?
As a gamer, I imagine a young guy who is indulged in an online RPG for a whole day. However, it is not true.
This is an interesting result of a survey. According to Pixwoo, the average English gamer is 35 years old and spend only 2.5 hours in a day for gaming. They earn 23,000 pounds in a year with usual work.

The Telegraph: Average video game fan is 35 years old Study: average gamer not a 12-year-old shut-in

This survey informs us that our image about the stereotype is extremely different from the real one.
It sometimes occurs that assumed stereotype could not represent the most people in the cluster. For example, the government creates a plan for a new scheme of financial aid. However most of poor people are not adopted in the plan. Unfortunately, this kind of errors is frequent.

One of the reasons is a cognitive bias. We are impressed in an example which is unusual. We also tend to believe the first example which we met. These biases can warp our views.
In the other days, video game players were heavy users of computers. They spent much time to conquer the boss of a dungeon. There were many video games which need hundreds of time to complete. In addition, gamers were not good at communication with others. But these images were in the past.

Nowadays, rise of easy playing games, such as social games or click games with a tablet, have changed the characteristics and behaviors of gamers. More women are likely to play a game. Light gamers who play games only in a waiting time is increasing. We have to notice these changes to understand the result of the survey.

Actually, I am a gamer. And I should be careful not to cause any trouble with my family about games, as this survey shows that 15% of gamers have broken up with someone over their pastime.

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