Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The US budget crisis

The US is extremely shaken. A part of the US government has shut down due to the short of money.

BBC News: US begins government shutdown as budget deadline passes

This accident was caused by the Republican Party. A part of representatives refused to pass the bill of the annual budget, to state the opposition against the Affordable Care Act. They insisted to postpone the enforcement of the Act. But the Obama administration did not obey. Therefore, the budget of the government could not be delivered. Now, many official services are closed in the US.

It is a frequent event that opposite parties threaten the government with suggesting a failure of an important bill. The minorities have their own thoughts, and they should claim. However, it is rare that a battle of politician results in a  severe dysfunction of the government. In Japan, though opposite parties are often absent from the diet, there is always some negotiation between the parties to maintain the daily activity of official work. So I am astonished to know this news.

The Republican Party keeps liberal policy. As a principle, they deny most of official regulation. Therefore, it must be avoided to accept the Affordable Care Act, that demand citizens to join some health insurance. I can understand their ideology. Nonetheless, their opposition seems reckless.

The Financial Times blames the Republican Party, especially, Tea Party. The author said that there was no hope to make Obama withdraw the Affordable Care Act. Then, their rejection has caused a chaotic situation in the US society.

Financial Times: Decline and fall of republican politics

If they could not surrender even knowing that there was no opportunity to gain the compromise  from Obama, it is ridiculous to continue to oppose in vain. The confusion caused by them has done damage to the US economy, obviously. Of course we must be democratic. However, to be rational is essential to be democratic.

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