Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A large and strong typhoon is approaching fast.

Typhoon no. 26, called "Wipha" is proceeding on the pacific ocean with maintaining its power. It is possible that it will land in Kanto region.

Now it rains outside of my apartment silently. The sound of gust has not been heard yet.
It will be stormy tomorrow morning, according to weather reports. The government called to the citizens to be extremely careful about this.

In Japan, most business persons go to the office regardless to the bad weather. Some people suffer a serious damage on their commuting way. It is a custom in Japan which I cannot admire.

However, I have to go to my office tomorrow, as I am a clinical psychiatrist. My responsibility is equal to firefighters. It is unavoidable. Fortunately my home is near to the hospital.
I hope no patients will be injured on the way to the hospital.

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