Monday, October 14, 2013

Paradox of anti-meeting

A strange event will come.
Ms. Ushijima-Iniku decided to hold a meeting with her anti-supporters.

Ushijima-Iniku official website (in Japanese)

Ms. Ushijima is a costume player known as a sexy and a little strange lady. Her handle name is also strange. It means "Ushijima, the nice meat".
She tweeted the other day to be planning to make a conversation with persons who dislike her.

Meeting with anti-Ushijima (in Japanese)

It is usual for a famous person to be criticized by a certain amount of people. They are called "anti", abbreviation of anti-supporter. Ms. Ushijima seems to be annoyed by anonymous agitators. Finally she committed to make an opportunity to listen to their voices.

She mentioned that only persons anti-supporters are allowed to attend this meeting. She says that she is willing to check some tweets or other comments to certify that the attendants dislike her. This investigation will help to avoid her real supporters from participation to the meeting.

How odd the meeting is! I wonder the meeting would be realized. I guess that most of the anti-supporters dare not talk to her face to face.

Furthermore, this scheme includes a logical controversy.

When an anti-supporter is planning to attend the meeting, he has to show his twitter account to Ms. Ushijima. This means that he has an intention to obey the order of Ms. Ushijima. It is a gentle behavior, isn't it? Then, is he a real anti-supporter?

In contrast, imagine an enthusiast of Ms. Ushijima, who wish to meet her closely. He would disguise as if he is an anti-supporter of Ms. Ushijima, or he may break into the meeting. So, his behavior is inappropriate as a supporter. He must be an anti-supporter!

What happened? The result is that, anti-supporters are not allowed to attend to the meeting for anti-supporters, and any supporters who want to attend are allowed as anti-supporters. How paradoxical!

As far as I know, this is a stereotype of circulation paradox.

Ms. Ushijima says that she will eat a dinner alone if no one attend the meeting. Ms. Ushijima is so funny lady.

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