Sunday, October 27, 2013

Journey to Belgium (3)

Journey to Belgium (1)
Journey to Belgium (2)

Although there were several places worth to visit in Ghent, I could not make the time anymore due to my own business. So I abandoned sightseeing in Ghent. The only thing I can do was taking photos.

Ghent had an atmosphere of ancient town in Western Europe. It looked like Germany, rather than Italy.

Instead, I walked to a city area in the last night to have a dinner.

It took 30 minutes from the hotel to a restaurant. Unfortunately, "The House of Eliottthe" as I aimed at was occupied by the reserving guests. I was disappointed.

As an alternative way, I came into "De Grill", nearby there.
I ordered "Wild course".
As an appetizer, several giblets were delivered. They tasted unfamiliar, but yummy.

The main dish war beef steaks. Massive fried Vegetables were accompanied. They were also good.

I chose chocolate pie as a dessert. Nice!

I was so satisfied.
However, it was strange that the breads were gotten rid of when main dish came. I could not understand why not to eat beef and bread together.

(To be continued.)

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