Saturday, October 5, 2013

The real lady inside Siri

The voice actor of Siri, a virtual secretary within the iPhone, was identified, CNN said.

CNN: 'I'm the original voice of Siri'

She is Ms. Susan Bennett. She was engaged in this kind of work many times as a voice actress. She revealed that she recorded her voice every four hours in a day for a month. The pieces of the words have composed to Siri.

Apple did not admit that she was Siri. It is usual that a voice of guidance was not identified for a long time. A company tends not to publish the name of the actress. It is different from an animation movie. Nonetheless, I was surprised that she had not been notified that her voice was to be used as Siri. She did not make any confidential contract with Apple, even she did not know she was working for Apple.

Indeed, Siri is an extraordinary being as a guiding voice. Usually we are not concerned much about this kind of voices.
In the future, synthetic voices will be more common. This Siri identification case is quite specific in a sense.

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