Monday, October 28, 2013

Journey to Belgium (4)

Journey to Belgium (1)
Journey to Belgium (2)
Journey to Belgium (3)

I have heard that citizens in Ghent do not eat meat on Thursday. However, I ate Kebab on the night.

And then, Chocolate-Waffle! Belgium is a country of Chocolate and Waffle, in my image. So delicious.

I seldom saw franchise shop of food in Belgium. Pizza Hut and Starbucks are exceptions. Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to use one.

Instead, "Quick" hamburger was popular in Belgium. It tasted fair, but German one was superior.

After all, Belgium is chocolate country.

I left Belgium with full satisfaction.

Thanks to Belgians!


  1. Among chocolate shops, I think Pierre Marcolini
    is the best. Did you try it?


    1. Unfortunately not. I will wait for the second chance. Thanx.